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Electronic Applications

Electronic applicants are the easiest way to submit new business for your clients. No more chasing down missed forms and signatures. Everything is done right the first time giving you and your staff additional time to spend on more productive and profitable activities.

From here, you will be required to login into another website to submit your new business. This is to insure that your client\’s sensitive data remains safe and secure. With the exception of iGO, the login credentials you will use will not be the same as those you would use to log into iGO is fully integrated into our site and no additional login will be required.

Life | Accelerated/Automated

Accelerated/Automated Underwriting offers your clients the opportunity to secure life insurance coverage with the possibility of no exam or medical records. To get started, click the product link below the the image representing the company your client is applying with. If the company or product is not found, it is not available for Accelerated/Automated Underwriting. If this is the case, click the Traditional tab above to continue your Electronic Application submission without Accelerated/Automated Underwriting.


AmericanPerm | VUL AmericanTerm | Perm BannerTerm JohnTerm |* | * Lincoln |  | * UnitedTerm
Life | Intelligent | | Principal | |* ProtectiveTerm PrudentialTerm | |* SavingsTerm | Perm
SagicorTerm | Perm Minnesota | |
Ordering an exam or using any other submission method will disqualify the proposed insured from Accelerated/Automated Underwriting.
* – denotes that Accelerated/Automated is available, but submission must be done using a paper ticket

Contact us at 800-749-9900 if you have any questions, comments or concerns.